Movie review “Thor: The Dark World”


On this fine Sunday, I decided to go see a movie with my father and best friend. What we decided to see? Well that is easy! Thor, of course. How could we miss this great opportunity to see a Marvel movie on a fine day like today. The only drawback of this decision was that this movie fucked up with my emotions completely!!!

I will try to not give out anything of the movie plot, and only talk about it generally. Though I am still announcing that there might be spoilers, considering that I don’t know your understanding of a spoiler. So *SPOILER ALERT*:

When I arrived at the cinema I was expecting an Action-Drama movie. It’s not that it wasn’t, but for this movie you will honestly need to take some napkins with you.  I couldn’t believe that an action packed movie will ever make me cry, let alone my father. You should have seen my face when my father told me that he cried.

But let’s start with the beginning. I have yet to see a movie that I didn’t enjoy, and even though at some movies I have some negative comments,  for this one I have only good things to say.

The movie introduces you directly into the story and starting with  great narration and extraordinary characters. Also, I do not like 3D movies if they are not animations, because the details tend to overpower the 3D scenes. And it is just a waste of money to see a 3D movie if it doesn’t have any really intense scene that will look good in 3D.

The amount of work that was put in details when this movie was created is astounding. The CGI work throughout the whole movie was marvellous. And the fact that the movie was in 3D made it even more impressive. I saw every little speck of ash and dust and even the smallest rock on the ground had every detail that it needed in order to look real. I have seen, maybe all the Marvel movies, and I knew that they had amazing CGI work, but it wasn’t always so great combined with the 3D aspect. And by that I mean that they either made the details look amazing, or the 3D very spectacular, but I don’t think they ever had such a great combination of the two before.

Also, the plot of the movie was insane! I won’t tell you anything that happened but I will say that I had to collect my jaw from the floor at some point in the movie, cried like a baby after that and by the end I was soooo very angry.  I would have definitely liked a tear alert so that I could have grabbed some napkins when I was buying my beverage. I haven’t read any of the comic books, seeing that  we don’t have them, but if this is how Stan Lee originally wrote Thor, well…my god, this man is a freaking genius! I think he knew that the audience will be a sobbing mess right in the middle of the movie.

And yes I am one of those people who love Loki more than Thor. Why? The way Tom Hiddleston acts in every movie, makes me love him as an actor and made me love Loki. And…well… he tore my heart out in a scene from the first movie:


Loki: So, I’m no more than another stolen relic? Locked up, here, until you might have use of me!

Odin: Why do you twist my words?

Loki: You could have told me what I was, from the beginning! Why didn’t you?

Odin: You’re my son. I wanted only to protect you from the truth.

Loki: What? Because I…I…I…I’m the monster that parents tell their children about at night?

Odin: No! No!

Loki: It all makes sense now. Why you favored Thor, all these years! Because no matter how much you claim to love me, you could never have a Frost Giant sitting on your throne of Asgard!

Yes, that is why I love Loki more than Thor.

As I wasn’t expecting the great combination of details and 3D art, I also wasn’t expecting so many jokes and laughable matters in an action-packed movie.I mean there are funny scenes in all Marvel movies, but I think this one had the most. And that is another aspect that I absolutely love about this movie is the funny-ironic lines between the two Gods [you know them], that made the movie even better than before.

The cast was crazy good. I know I am raving about this movie, but it really was good! And that is why I just have to talk about the cast. I just don’t know what to say about them other than: they were amazing. I am going to enumerate the best in my opinion: Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster and Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin. I think that the amount of talent these four actors have combined is equal to a ton of mercury, and that is a lot! They played their roles perfectly, you could see that they gave their best in playing these amazing characters, and their great acting really affects one’s [my] emotions. I don’t have anything bad to say about these extraordinary people, other than that they are great actors and they did a hell of a job with this movie. And of course the awesomeness of this movie is due to the whole cast that includes the director, the stunt men and everyone that participated in creating this movie.

The huuuge amount of action, combined with drama and so many comedic scenes, the gripping plot and the amazingly talented cast make this movie a total worth seeing  masterpiece. I recommend it to all people that love Marvel and a good action movie. Cannot wait for the next one 😀 !

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I cannot conclude my review without thanking Mr. Stan Lee for creating these amazing stories that bring happiness all over the world into the lives of children and not only . Thank you!

P.S. Do not forget to stay for all the credits!!! Marvel always has those post-credit scenes that you really don’t want to miss 🙂 !

Until next time,

Lexi xx 🙂