Another start of a school year.

Hello dear reader,
How are you this fine Monday?
For me, first day of school was great, this being the last year of high school we only stayed for five minutes until our class headmaster told us what classes we have tomorrow and then we left because he didn’t have to introduce us to anything, we pretty much know the drill. After that I went with some mates and had a tea and told stories of what happened this summer and it was all good.
Tomorrow I start a new language, which is German. I am pretty scared because it is a really hard to learn language and I only know to say I love you and know to count up to three. Hehe.
What else? Oh, I have a new class mate, she is from another part of the country and she is rather weird. I mean, when you are new and don’t know anyone you don’t just sit in a corner and don’t speak. Usually, you introduce yourself and try to make friends. Right? Well she didn’t…. so our headmaster saw that and told us to make her feel welcome, no problem, but when we went to her and I extended my hand and said “Nice to meet you” and introduced myself and she got scared of me…it was rather odd…and she still didn’t say what her name was…
Anyway, besides that, the day was good…I am so tired right now that I think I will have a nap… I am slowly transitioning from going to bed really really late to going to bed relatively early…and as you might know, it is awful!
Let me know how you started your school year, or what is your favorite memory from high school.
Keep safe until next time,
Lexi xoxo

New Year’s Resolutions!

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a veeeerrryyyy Happy New Year!! May all your wishes and goals accomplish, and have a marvelous year with your family and friends.


I never actually wrote down New Year’s  Resolutions, but I decided to do so this year. They are not many, or special, but are the things that I wish to achieve in the new year that is coming.

1.Get better grades.

2.I would like to lose weight. In January preferably to go to a nutritionist to set a diet.

3.Read more books. Reading books is never bad.

4.Get my eyes checked. They hurt lately- may need glasses- yikes.

5.Spend more time with my family.

6.Appreciate the simple things.

7.Save some money.

8.Care less about what others think. [I think I will break this one]

9.Finish the “To Be Watched List”.

10.Work hard and get the Cambridge exam.

11.Be more creative. Draw more; do more DIY; etc.

12.Post as much as I can on the blog.

These are all that I can think of, and I really hope that these are appropriate for new year’s resolutions :D.

Stay safe,

Lexi xxxxxx!