Growing up is scary !!!

Hey there, how have you guys been?

This past month and the beginning of this one I have been very preoccupied with looking for Universities, sending emails requesting information, getting involved in volunteering projects.

Lately, my anxiety issues have been playing off, I am telling you this because I was feeling very anxious after sending like ten emails. Obviously, I am aware that if you send an email at 8 PM on a Friday no one will respond to you, however I was feeling anxious because I was thinking that I won’t be getting any responses at all…

I can’t even explain to you how afraid I am that I won’t be accepted in the University I want. To get there, I have to do a lot of things. I am starting early, so I can be sure! England puts a lot of accent on voluntary work, so I am starting mine on Monday. I will be going to paint walls at a kindergarten. I hope I will get photos so I can show you all my handy work.

This is all for now. My little, short ramble… I just had to tell someone this so I could get it off my chest and maybe feel a little better about myself.

Do you ever feel anxious? If so, what makes it trigger?

Until next time, take care,

Lexi xoxoxoxo!