Another start of a school year.

Hello dear reader,
How are you this fine Monday?
For me, first day of school was great, this being the last year of high school we only stayed for five minutes until our class headmaster told us what classes we have tomorrow and then we left because he didn’t have to introduce us to anything, we pretty much know the drill. After that I went with some mates and had a tea and told stories of what happened this summer and it was all good.
Tomorrow I start a new language, which is German. I am pretty scared because it is a really hard to learn language and I only know to say I love you and know to count up to three. Hehe.
What else? Oh, I have a new class mate, she is from another part of the country and she is rather weird. I mean, when you are new and don’t know anyone you don’t just sit in a corner and don’t speak. Usually, you introduce yourself and try to make friends. Right? Well she didn’t…. so our headmaster saw that and told us to make her feel welcome, no problem, but when we went to her and I extended my hand and said “Nice to meet you” and introduced myself and she got scared of me…it was rather odd…and she still didn’t say what her name was…
Anyway, besides that, the day was good…I am so tired right now that I think I will have a nap… I am slowly transitioning from going to bed really really late to going to bed relatively early…and as you might know, it is awful!
Let me know how you started your school year, or what is your favorite memory from high school.
Keep safe until next time,
Lexi xoxo

Growing up is scary !!!

Hey there, how have you guys been?

This past month and the beginning of this one I have been very preoccupied with looking for Universities, sending emails requesting information, getting involved in volunteering projects.

Lately, my anxiety issues have been playing off, I am telling you this because I was feeling very anxious after sending like ten emails. Obviously, I am aware that if you send an email at 8 PM on a Friday no one will respond to you, however I was feeling anxious because I was thinking that I won’t be getting any responses at all…

I can’t even explain to you how afraid I am that I won’t be accepted in the University I want. To get there, I have to do a lot of things. I am starting early, so I can be sure! England puts a lot of accent on voluntary work, so I am starting mine on Monday. I will be going to paint walls at a kindergarten. I hope I will get photos so I can show you all my handy work.

This is all for now. My little, short ramble… I just had to tell someone this so I could get it off my chest and maybe feel a little better about myself.

Do you ever feel anxious? If so, what makes it trigger?

Until next time, take care,

Lexi xoxoxoxo!

Book review: “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell

Going into Fangirl was really easy for me. I have heard of it a lot of mixed opinions, so I guess I didn’t expect much from it. However, I had in mind an idea of what this book might be [since I am a Fangirl myself], and I thought I would give it a shot.

To be quite honest, it wasn’t what I expected at all. I thought that I would get to read more about a fangirl. Sure, Cath, the main character is a fangirl, but not a big one. But this is not my only problem with the book.

Obviously, this is fiction, so the book isn’t supposed to be necessarily close to reality. But a book about a Fangirl has to describe a Fangirl from a real point of view. We only got to see a ‘true’ fangirl at the end of the book when the characters attended a book release. Which was a huge let down for me.

Another major no-no from me was the anxiety. I have anxiety issues, but not on the level Cath does. She has a lot of anxiety issues which unfortunately transferred to me whilst reading.

Usually, my anxiety strikes when I am in new places, meeting new people or trying something new. But this book, gave me so much anxitey that I thought I would have a panic attack if I wouldn’t have taken a break from it.

And my last problem with the book was the ‘otp’ the character loved. Now, don’t get me wrong…I don’t care what she likes, but it wasn’t even a real fandom she was in. I mean “Simon Snow”? Who is that??? Apparently that ‘fandom’ was a darker version of Harry Potter.

Why didn’t the author use Harry Potter as Cath’s favorite books? My only guess is that she wanted to create a fictional world for her fictional character to read, which is great, but don’t make it like Harry Potter. I don’t think Rainbow Rowell couldn’t use  Harry Potter in her books because of copyright issues. I am sure they would have let her do that… it was just so bad!

I mean…here is a quote from the book:

Levi said. “It’s hard for me to get my head around. It’s like hearing that Harry Potter is gay.”

Why is she referencing Harry Potter after having based the entire book around a fictionalized version of Harry Potter known as Simon Snow? Why didn’t she write about Harry and Draco and had to create Simon and Baz? [that’s actually what she did but she just changed their appearance.]

The only things I liked about this book are the flow of the words and all the characters [besides Wren].

I cannot say anything bad about Rainbow Rowell’s writing style. Her words flow over the page very smoothly and it is really pleasant to read. Both her dialogues and descriptive parts were really well written and thus a quick read.

Also, she built her characters very well. I liked reading about each one of them, except Wren because she is a brat. I really appreciate that Cath didn’t forgive their mother, I don’t think I would have either.

I cannot give this book more than 3.5 stars. I really wish I could because I wanted it to be so good! I really liked the story itself, but it should have been called something else, not Fangirl, because it doesn’t show almost at all what a fangirl really is…and than if you add all the other issues I mentioned before, it really is impossible to like this.

Sorry if I offended anyone with this review…some of you might love this book, others might hate it, but this is just what I thought of it. So, please, be kind :D.

Until next time,

Lexi xoxo!

P.S. I am sorry for a month without posts. I was quite busy during the month of August, but I will try to get back on track.

-Currently readign: If I Stay by Gayle Forman



Judgemental people make me sick!

Today I was out and about and I was just waiting for the tramway to arrive. Like a normal bored teenager, I decided to take a look around me and observe what is going on rather than stay with my nose in my iPhone.

I sadly observed how judgemental some people are. I saw a woman around 25 years old, looking up and down with disgust everyone that was passing by her.

Of course I might be wrong, but I am 99% sure that she was judging the people around her. Why? I don’t know… How is she better than anyone else and has the right to judge what others look like or what they wear? I don’t know.

And this woman’s actions made me curious about how many people do what she is doing. And to my utter disgust, I observed that a lot of people were doing the same thing.

I am pretty sure that I got some of those stares too, and I am also pretty sure that you had the same thing happen to you even if it was once or twice.

Somehow I think that by observing these people judge others, made me judge them also. And this thought makes me feel sick as well. I am in no position to say what someone should do, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about their actions.

What I mean to say is that no one is in a position to say or think what others should: think, do, look like, wear etc. It is so rude to stare people up and down just because you think you are better than they are. You are not! We are all equals and we should respect that. It is horrible that we cannot help ourselves of doing this, but even if it is impossible, we can still be discreet about it and not stare like we are at the zoo.

If someone judges you, stay confident and don’t pay them any attention! Judging is just another form of bullying and it is in no way any better or less hurtful. You are who you are and that makes you ten thousand times better than the one who cannot keep their little judgemental mind to themselves. Haters gonna hate no matter what…

Sorry if this little ramble seemed too random and out of place. I did not intend on writing this but I just couldn’t keep myself from doing it after all.

Have a nice day and until next time, stay strong,

Love, Lexi xoxoxo!!

New Mockingjay Teaser Trailer!!!

As soon as I have seen the teaser I decided to share this very exciting moment with everyone! Until now we have got to Capitol announcements, and now a very very exciting teaser trailer.

I will not analyse every single scene because I will let you draw conclusions for yourself. However, I must say that the whistled song at the end never ceases to give me goose flesh.

I have nothing to say about this teaser. It pretty much shows what the book said. It is very well constructed and it is very convincing from a first look.

Despite the fact that I love how the teaser looks, I still cannot understand how they will replace the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, seeing that his character is very important in the third installment. Maybe they think that they can kill his character in the second part, which would be very convenient for them, but they better not do that because I will not be held responsible for my actions. Hehe.

Now please enjoy the new teaser trailer and the little videos from the Capitol and let me know what you thought of them.



So? What do you think? This movie has a great potential! I bet it will be a blockbuster!!

Until next time, may the odds be ever in your favor,

Lexi xoxoxoxo!

San Diego Comic-Con 2014

Today is officially the fourth day of this years’ Comic-Con. Yes, I am officially four days late to the party.

What is Comic-Con about? It is basically a convention for geeks aka “THE SUPER BOWL for NERDS” [as Stephen Amell kindly said]. Every year this convention takes place in San Diego, California, and you can buy tickets to go and take part of this great community. You can cosplay as your favorite character and go to different panels and see your favorite actors and interact with them, etc.

I haven’t kept track of this years’ Comic-Con like I do every year. However, I am fangirling so much over every picture that comes up on my dashboard. I honestly cannot remember how long it has been since I have fangirled so much! I mean, all the feelings that are running through me when I see all these amazing actors from movies and tv shows that I love.

Until now, the lucky people that attended Comic-Con had the chance to see the trailers for Mockingjay, the new season of Arrow, a sneak peak at the new season of Game of Thrones and they also met the casts of Game of Thrones, The Avengers, Teen Wolf, Arrow and many more.

So now, I am going to put a whole lot of pictures from what happened at Comic-Con so far. Just so you know, they are not in a specific order and I will provide you with the links if you need/want them. Also, these pictures are not mine!!!

The Avengers Age of Ultron and the amazing Robert Downey Jr.


The cast of Game of Thrones and their killer: George R.R. Martin

Benedict Cumberbatch with a Madagascar penguin 😀 

The cast of Arrow in a selfie with many fans and Stephen Amell‘s abs 😉

The Teen Wolf cast 🙂

The amazing spiderman, I mean…Daniel Radcliffe. And a second photo of him at his panel, promoting his new movie: Horns.  Hehe 🙂 [don’t know if the first one is real but it is funny] 

A surprise arrival from Mr. McConaughey

The cast of Once Upon a Time and Captain Swan being adorable!!! 

And here is a funny article about Comic-Con.

These are some of the stars that made an appearance at Comic-Con 2014. I promised myself that once I get a job and can be fully responsible of my actions, I will go to Comic-Con. I am not ashamed of saying that I am a fangirl and that I love movies and tv shows more than a normal person. It is one of those life goals that I plan to achieve and cross off of my list.

Hope you liked this random post, and let me know if you are excited about Comic-Con and if you want to go or have already been.

Until next time, stay geeky,

Lexi xoxoxox!

Book Review: “City of Ashes”

Hey dear reader,

Today I have the review for the second book in the mortal instruments series- City of Ashes.

Given the fact that this book was not adapted into a movie yet, I didn’t have the occasion to spoil the book by seeing the movie.

Here is the summary:

Clary Fray just wishes that her life would go back to normal. But what’s normal when you’re a demon-slaying Shadowhunter, your mother is in a magically induced coma, and you can suddenly see Downworlders like werewolves, vampires, and faeries? If Clary left the world of the Shadowhunters behind, it would mean more time with her best friend, Simon, who’s becoming more than a friend. But the Shadowhunting world isn’t ready to let her go — especially her handsome, infuriating, newfound brother, Jace. And Clary’s only chance to help her mother is to track down rogue Shadowhunter Valentine, who is probably insane, certainly evil — and also her father.

To complicate matters, someone in New York City is murdering Downworlder children. Is Valentine behind the killings — and if he is, what is he trying to do? When the second of the Mortal Instruments, the Soul-Sword, is stolen, the terrifying Inquisitor arrives to investigate and zooms right in on Jace. How can Clary stop Valentine if Jace is willing to betray everything he believes in to help their father?

City of Ashes is one hundred times better than the first book in the series. It had a faster pace and it was more action packed.

Also, in this second installment, you will get even more attached to the characters. Without spoiling the story I can only say that even the characters bond more as well as you will get more gripped with their story.

The new characters that are introduced in the second book, are very well described and have a strong background and this is very important because they have a huge impact on the course of the story. Obviously, we have villains and heroes, both which we hate and love.

The book is a lot more action packed that the first one and also its story line is more compelling. Another thing to appreciate about City of Ahes is the way the story is told. We are given a very well described vision of this world so this way we don’t need a lot of help to imagine the things Miss Claire has created.

After reading this second book, I couldn’t help but compare all the pros and cons with those from the first installment. So I concluded that City of Ashes is ten times better than City of Bones. Obviously, I cannot give this book less than 5 stars because it would be a crime. I cannot wait to buy the next book!

I highly suggest this to everyone who liked City of Bones, I am sure you will like this a lot more!

Until next time, take care,
Lexi. Xoxo

P.S. I really hope that they won’t butcher this book to movie adaptation as much as they did with the first one.

Book Review: “City of Bones”

Hello dear reader,

Today I have an awesome review for you. I read the first book in the Mortal Instruments series and I have to say that it was amazing!!!

Here is the summary:

When fifteen-year-old Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemonium Club in New York City, she hardly expects to witness a murder― much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered with strange tattoos and brandishing bizarre weapons. Then the body disappears into thin air. It’s hard to call the police when the murderers are invisible to everyone else and when there is nothing―not even a smear of blood―to show that a boy has died. Or was he a boy?

This is Clary’s first meeting with the Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons. It’s also her first encounter with Jace, a Shadowhunter who looks a little like an angel and acts a lot like a jerk. Within twenty-four hours Clary is pulled into Jace’s world with a vengeance, when her mother disappears and Clary herself is attacked by a demon. But why would demons be interested in ordinary mundanes like Clary and her mother? And how did Clary suddenly get the Sight? The Shadowhunters would like to know…

I feel really bad for seeing the movie before reading the book. While I was reading, I was constantly comparing it to what I remembered from the movie. Obviously, that wasn’t the best thing to do but I couldn’t stop.

The book is very good and I figured that the movie was poorly adapted. From what I can remember the movie ending is 100% different from the book. And that is pretty sad because this is a great series and I am pretty bummed that they changed so much of the story.

The characters are very well built and they suck you in the story very fast. Also, the premise is original and very thrilling. Because of the changes made in the movie, I was always on the edge of my seat when I read the book.

I bought my book for Christmas last year, but I only read it now, and I feel bad for not starting it sooner. It is definitely an amazing read. Cassandra Clare writes beautifully and her characters are full of mystery and will make you love them. This is definitely a series with great potential and I am happy to have started it.

I just have to give it four stars out of five because for me the book had a very slow start. However, I recommend this to everyone, I honestly don’t know how someone won’t like it. So, in conclusion I am sure that you will love it!!!

Until next time, read a lot,

Lexi xoxox!

Amazing friends!!!


Dear reader,

The goodness of people never ceases to amaze me. Yes, once again I have been gifted with something pretty amazing that I cannot thank enough for! And I can once again say that I have the best friends in the world.

When I finished high school a really good friend of mine, that I pretty much consider family, felt an inexplicable urge to send me a humongous gift card. What she sent me was overwhelming and unthinkable, and I cannot say I wasn’t surprised by it because I would be lying.

With that gift card I got the next 3 Harry Potter books I needed, now I need only two more and I have them all, yaaaayyyy. I am sooooo happy with the decision I made!!! It honestly is the best edition of Harry Potter that exists. I got books 3 to 5 and they are absolutely gorgeous.

IMG_5384   IMG_5386   IMG_5390

See what I’m talking about? They are absolutely marvelous, and I cannot wait to start reading them. (I am already half way through Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban and I can already say that it is better than the first two.)

I cannot thank Carol enough for her kindness. She is truly a one of a kind friend and I don’t know what I would do without her amazing advice or her great knowledge of the world. If I had to stick to three friends for the rest of my life, she would definitely be one of them!

Until next time, take care,
Lexi xoxoxo!!