Judgemental people make me sick!

Today I was out and about and I was just waiting for the tramway to arrive. Like a normal bored teenager, I decided to take a look around me and observe what is going on rather than stay with my nose in my iPhone.

I sadly observed how judgemental some people are. I saw a woman around 25 years old, looking up and down with disgust everyone that was passing by her.

Of course I might be wrong, but I am 99% sure that she was judging the people around her. Why? I don’t know… How is she better than anyone else and has the right to judge what others look like or what they wear? I don’t know.

And this woman’s actions made me curious about how many people do what she is doing. And to my utter disgust, I observed that a lot of people were doing the same thing.

I am pretty sure that I got some of those stares too, and I am also pretty sure that you had the same thing happen to you even if it was once or twice.

Somehow I think that by observing these people judge others, made me judge them also. And this thought makes me feel sick as well. I am in no position to say what someone should do, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about their actions.

What I mean to say is that no one is in a position to say or think what others should: think, do, look like, wear etc. It is so rude to stare people up and down just because you think you are better than they are. You are not! We are all equals and we should respect that. It is horrible that we cannot help ourselves of doing this, but even if it is impossible, we can still be discreet about it and not stare like we are at the zoo.

If someone judges you, stay confident and don’t pay them any attention! Judging is just another form of bullying and it is in no way any better or less hurtful. You are who you are and that makes you ten thousand times better than the one who cannot keep their little judgemental mind to themselves. Haters gonna hate no matter what…

Sorry if this little ramble seemed too random and out of place. I did not intend on writing this but I just couldn’t keep myself from doing it after all.

Have a nice day and until next time, stay strong,

Love, Lexi xoxoxo!!


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