Summer On My Mind


Hey there,

I had in mind to write a post about summer but I don’t quite know what, so  I decided to share my summer plans with you. This summer I decided to do a lot of things for myself. I decided to read a lot, to watch a lot of TV shows and to draw a bunch!

Obviously, I will never get to do everything that I want, but on a small part I will manage to accomplish all of my selfish little needs.

My godmother insisted to visit her this summer, but I decided that this being my last summer at home totally free, it won’t work because I want to do what I want, not what others want. And I want FUN! I want to spend my time with my family, to catch up on reading and TV shows that I missed during the school year, all kinds of cool stuff. At least, that is what I think it is cool…

So far, my plans have been going good, the cause of this happening is that the weather is really sh***y so I cannot do anything else other than staying inside. So, since the summer holidays have started, I’ve read 5 and a half books, LOL; have caught up on the shows: Castle and The 100, and I am currently working on The Big Bang Theory; also I have been drawing some bits and pieces.

Drawing seems to be my weak spot. I definitely have to focus a bit more on that seeing that I have to finish a project very soon…can’t show or tell you what yet, but you will see, all in good time 🙂 .

Since summer started I have been iPad-less, which means that I don’t really have time or feel like writing many blog posts, which has also been one of my summer goals. However, tomorrow or on Monday, I will get it back and I will catch up on writing all of my book reviews and other fun blog posts.

So far, this blog post has been all about me. If you have gotten this far, please tell me down below in the comments, what do you want to do this summer? Do you have any goals? Will you have a fun summer filled with adventures, or will you stay at home and read, just like I have been doing? I would sure love to see your little stories 🙂 .

Love you all, stay safe until the next ramble.

Hugs and kisses,

Lexi xoxo!


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