What’s been going on?

Hello everyone,

How have you all been? It feels like years since I’ve done a blog post. Last month was hectic for me. I just finished another year of high school and I had to get ready for the big final tests and what not, so that didn’t really give me the free time to take care of my blog as well. But hey, I am here now, aren’t I?

Now that the summer vacation is here, I plan on reading more, drawing more and writing more. I will definitely be more active, now that summer is here. You can expect some very cool book and movie reviews, along with some stories about life in general and other little random rambles.

I hope that some people are still around and have stuck with me. Also, I hope I didn’t bore anyone to death with this post. I am sorry if you really do not care about where I have been, but I just wanted to update everyone.

If you are still here and hopefully have gotten this far into this post, PLEASE leave down a comment about what are you excited this summer. Is it a fun trip to somewhere? A reunion with your family and friends? Or probably just lazying around and catching up on your favorite TV shows…I know I am excited for that.

Stay tuned for a ton of fun posts this summer. πŸ˜€

Many hugs,

Lexi. xoxo


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