#100HappyDays- First 20 days!


So I thought that after 20 days I should do a post about how things are going with the 100 Happy Days challenge.
After these 20 days I found out that my life is pretty lame, and also I have found out that I have a weird passion for birds. LOL!

Besides just posting the pictures I decided to add a little caption to them in order to explain why I took them and posted them for those particular days. The quality of some pictures is better than of others because some photos I took with my iPad, some with my camera.

Day#1 – In the first day I posted a picture of a really pretty sunset. It was one of the first and most beautiful that I have seen this spring.


Day#2 – For the second day I decided to post a gift I got that day that made me super happy! I got a wireless keyboard that I can use with my iPad.10262234_10203567885619224_7642503587102899505_n

Day#3 – In this third day I took a picture of the sweets I got for Easter. I was already at an impasse so these were the only things I could think of that made me happy that day.


Day#4 – Day 4, came with a struggle again, but once I gave it a little thought and looked around a bit I noticed my lovely pets. Yes, I have two turtles that I love to bits!!


Day#5 – During day 5 I took a walk and saw this pretty cherry tree and I did a little collage of its cute little white flowers.


Day#6 – On day six I found myself tinkering in my “Wreck It Journal” and I thought that I am truly relaxed and happy when I work in it.


Day#7 – On the seventh day I saw the chick that came out of the eggshell in the cherry tree in front of our apartment building and it was soooo cute that I just had to take a picture of it.


Day#8 – The eight-day was a real struggle seeing that nothing made me happy that day besides the book I was reading. [ugh, the picture is sooooo orange, but I can’t change anything now]


Day#9 – On the ninth day I posted a picture of me last year in May. But I do not like the idea of sharing my face on an open blog. (Just so you know that I’m not a hypocrite, I am telling you now that my Instagram is private,therefore more secure)

Day#10 – On the tenth day I was shuffling through old baby photos and I found a really cute one where I looked very happy. Again, not feeling that it is okay to share this.

Day#11 – I was coming home from my uncles’ place and I saw this little tree that had the prettiest lighting ever. (I guess I tried to be more artsy than anything)


Day#12 – The picture for day twelfth came as a surprise to me. I went outside and fed the pigeons that were chilling on the ground. Fortunately I managed to catch one flying. The picture is rather blurry, but what do you expect from a flying pigeon? 10264850_10203567891659375_4186963415738817760_n

Day#13 – Day 13 really sucked and I used a photo of a pretty sunset from the previous day.


Day#14 – After the day before I was still pretty bummed and I took out a drawing that I’m working on for some time and added some stuff to it. 1797449_10203567891779378_3255229232577477780_n

Day#15 – On the fifteenth day I bought “The Da Vinci Code” DVD and I picked up the book to finish it so I could watch the movie :D. 10171286_10203567891819379_3691875805223697630_n

Day#16 – Day 16 was rather boring but these neat snacks made me pretty freaking happy .1912509_10203567892299391_7888510706313519244_n

Day#17 – Someone picked on me for reading so much and I posted a book related quote that always makes me happy when I read it.10157193_10203567893699426_9035128100500242178_n

Day#18 – The mother of the chick in the nest comes daily on our window sill and we give it breadcrumbs. Anyway I wanted to capture the moment. And also, I love how unfazed and relaxed it is around people. 1452122_10203567893739427_5313954240803855135_n

Day#19 – On the nineteenth day I posted a picture of me and my best friend that always makes me happy even when she annoys me. Anyway, there is even more reason to not post this–because she is in it as well.

Day#20 – On the last day of this post- day 20 I was watching a new tv show called “Penny Dreadful” and even if it was gross and scary as hell, it made me happy that people are still creating good quality tv shows. 1549359_10203567939500571_7289248925904212232_nThat was it folks. The first twenty days of happiness. I knew it would be hard to keep up with but damn, it was excruciating some days, I really had to wreck my mind in order to find something that made me happy. I hate when I have to cheat, but I really don’t want to fail this challenge.

I am sorry if some of these disappoint you, and you wish I had more exciting and fun pictures, but even though I cheat, I still try to keep it real. LOL.

Thanks for reading and keep safe,
Lexi xxxxxx! 😀


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