Amazing friends over the seas!!! -part 2-

Firstly, I have to mention that I had no idea that this topic will have a continuation, well I am lucky to be able to say that it does.1800243_10203047058358868_87588044_n

Okay, so this is a prize I won for being very active and making a lot of book reviews on this site. Even though this is a thing I “won” for my participation, I am considering it more on the line of a birthday present.

I wanted a Wreck This Journal for a while now, because honestly it looks like so much fun. I plan on making it more an art project than wrecking project but oh well, I guess I will do some destroying as well.

As I did before, I have to thank my lovely friend Bee, who sent this amazing present my way, and also to all the lady’s that are a part of The Hive for having me and accepting me in their group.

I feel blessed to have such awesome friends and to take part to such amazing stuff. I mean, not everyone is as lucky as me to be contacted by a girl one day and asked to join her new private group…I mean…I feel a bit privileged and a bit cocky about it, but I definitely and honestly appreciate that it happened to me.

Without my online friends I wouldn’t have done so much on social media [having a twitter, two tumblrs, a very active facebook, and a blog as well], I might have not even liked to read if it weren’t for them. So again, THANK YOU BEE for being that amazing friend that “recruited” me almost two years ago and being my friend ever since, I love you!!! 🙂

Now onto the journal: I plan on posting two or three pages a week, depending how much time I have on my hands. Obviously, I will only post the creative things rather than the wrecking parts. I really want to have this as a commemorative journal, and I would like to keep the wrecking to a minimum.

Take care and stay safe!!!

Until next time,

Lexi xxxxx! 🙂


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