Sherlock Season 3

bbc-sherlock-season-3-the-empty-hearseIt was 2 AM, the other night, when one of my friends gave me a link to watch “Sherlock Season 3 Episode 1- The Empty Hearse”. And at the moment I thought that I will watch it when I’d wake up, but I realized the anticipation was too big, so at 2 AM I was pressing the play button and holding my breath.

After seeing the new Sherlock episode I decided to write an honest review for it and I thought it was a good idea to split it in two. A part for the people who haven’t seen it yet, and the other for the ones who couldn’t wait anymore.


The moment it started I had to hold my breath because I was going to scream and my neighbors wouldn’t thank me for it at 3 am. It was absolutely brilliant!!Every moment of it was much more than I ever expected! Whoever said that this two-year wait was for out greater good, was right!

I am glad that the producers took their time and filmed a masterpiece! I think that they really managed to bring out the best out of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. They played marvelously and as always made me not only to laugh at their sarcasm, but also cry when the moment was opportune.

I have been a true emotional roller coaster throughout the whole episode. And I am pretty sure I had a mini panic attack at the beginning.

Many people say that they don’t know why they felt like this was the best episode in the series. And in a way I agree, but in another I think that it was the best episode yet because of the anticipation! And also because it was amazing of course! :))

I don’t have anything else to add so this won’t spoil anything for you, just that the show was worth the wait and you should definitely watch it. But if you want to be spoiled, continue reading LOL.

If you are done, well, thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time ūüôā .


Soooo for this part, I took some notes last night while watching the episode, so I will try to write down my exact emotions of certain parts that touched me in a way or another the most.

Firstly, there was the beginning, obviously..It introduced us directly into the plot, no moment for me to catch my breath or anything. It started with Sherlock jumping and breaking the window and kissing Molly. WELL, let me tell you that that scene messed up with my head soooo much!!!!!! I actually felt my heart beat out of my chest, and I wanted to scream so bad but I really couldn’t, lol!

HERE AND HERE ARE THE “COAT FLIP RUFFLE HAIR KISS GIFS” !! [which are amaaaaaziiinnngg!!]


And then I felt like I’ve just been slapped when I saw that it only happened in Anderson’s imagination! I was in tears and wanted to punch the screen, but that’s what I get for not mentally preparing myself for this episode! Honestly, that was very rude of the directors!

A character that made me laugh after wanting to stop the episode and shoot the screen, was Mrs. Hudson. Jesus, she was extra hilarious in this episode!!! When she slams the little biscuit plate and the cups in front of John, and giving him this totally ironic line…man that was precious!! And than after John tells her that he moved on and Mrs. Hudson asks “So, what is his name?” “his name” “HIS NAME“HIS NAME”.¬†That was the last drop until I burst out laughing.

And Sherlock making fun of John’s mustache was epic!! I mean ¬†he really deserved those punches…I would have gotten mad as well, but it was hilarious at the same time!!!!!!

Then another thing that got me was a theory that Sharon Rooney [playing main character Rae in My Mad Fat Diary] came up with! She thought that Sherlock was only messing with John and threw a puppet from the top of the building and that after that Moriarty and Sherlock ¬†kissed… KISSED!!! I am not sure but I think that the directors are actually reading fanfictions or something…I think they really tried to mess us up!

When Sherlock asked Molly to be his “assistant” because John “wasn’t in the picture anymore” I totally lost it! I was angry with Sherlock for replacing John- obviously I knew he had something planned- and I was happy for Molly…until we find out she is fucking engaged!!!!!!!!!! Really Molly, really? His parting kiss was sooo sweet that all my insides melted! Aw maaan, I don’t know how he- Benedict Cumberbatch- does it but he breaks my heart even when he does a sweet thing.

I loved actually seeing Sherlock’s parents, in the other show about Sherlock, they never show his parents,and rarely his brother.Kinda irrelevant, but oh well…Oh and BTW, I watch another tv series about Sherlock Holmes, so I can fill up the time between this show’s loooong breaks. And I have to tell you that, that show has NOTHING on Sherlock.

Close to the end, Sherlock explaines how he made it out alive, he does it on camera in front of Anderson. Which I don’t find odd, BUT I was kind of creeped out about the reaction Anderson had.. He’s really gone mad, but is he actually right? Did Sherlock lie to him? I hope not!

A thing that infuriated me to the stars and back was when Sherlock made fun of John on the Underground!!! I mean, that was plain rude! Ruder than I thought Sherlock could ever be! I wanted to punch him so badly then!! I was shocked when I saw that John started laughing as well. I think I’d have a mental breakdown.

And finally, a thing that confused me and made me laugh was when Sherlock saw Molly’s fiance… Now, let’s get this cleared up! I am pretty certain that Sherlock likes Molly from the moment he said that Moriarty didn’t think that the least important person in Sherlock’s life was actually the most important one. So, for me that covers it up. BUT, ¬†Molly also knew that Sherlock actually lived, so why did she get a boyfriend? And one that looked so much like Sherlock…why didn’t she wait? On one hand, I know that she must have gotten tired of waiting, but on the other hand I am angry with her because she didn’t!!! UGH!!! Oh, and this scene made me laugh because the surprised slash jealous look Sherlock gave Molly’s fiance was priceless, lol!!

After seeing this episode I still have some questions that I hope will be answered later in the season. Like: Did Sherlock tell the truth to Anderson? Did Anderson really go mad? Will captain Greg hug Sherlock again? Will Sherlock ACTUALLY kiss Molly? What is Mary lying about [when Sherlock “figured” her out]? Will this show ever stop to amaze me? Yep…basically these are my questions.

All in all, the wait was totally worth it! Even though two years was pretty damn much, it was worth it!! The cast did a marvelous job, and the rest of the crew made this show a real masterpiece. If I could, I would shake the hands of EVERYONE  that worked on this project and realized it so beautifully.

Well…this is how I’d really do it…

This second part of my review was pretty much me rambling like a total fangirl that I am…


I hoped you liked this review, and if you did let me know what you thought of the episode [good or bad] OR go and watch it! I promise you that you will like it!

P.S. Oh and these tumblr debates and pictures, and whatnot are killing me !!!cats1

Much love,

Lexi!! xxxxx


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