New Year’s Resolutions!

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a veeeerrryyyy Happy New Year!! May all your wishes and goals accomplish, and have a marvelous year with your family and friends.


I never actually wrote down New Year’s  Resolutions, but I decided to do so this year. They are not many, or special, but are the things that I wish to achieve in the new year that is coming.

1.Get better grades.

2.I would like to lose weight. In January preferably to go to a nutritionist to set a diet.

3.Read more books. Reading books is never bad.

4.Get my eyes checked. They hurt lately- may need glasses- yikes.

5.Spend more time with my family.

6.Appreciate the simple things.

7.Save some money.

8.Care less about what others think. [I think I will break this one]

9.Finish the “To Be Watched List”.

10.Work hard and get the Cambridge exam.

11.Be more creative. Draw more; do more DIY; etc.

12.Post as much as I can on the blog.

These are all that I can think of, and I really hope that these are appropriate for new year’s resolutions :D.

Stay safe,

Lexi xxxxxx!


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