DIY: Christmas hats for everyone :D

After decorating my room, I realized that my minion looked a bit sad and unfestive, so I decided to pimp him up a bit.

I found this tutorial on how to make Christmas hats for people, but I shrunk it to fit my minion. Well…let’s not talk about the fact that it looks nothing like it was supposed to! It is just cute and fun to do. It took me to make the hat and the “scarf” about 30 minutes, with my “expert” skills.


Now, I’ve got my little good looking minion very jolly and festive. His “scarf” I am no sure how I did it, because I honestly have no idea how I even managed to make the hat…it just came out how it did… Also, I am really sad that I cannot put his scarf a little bit lower because there is his moth…but it looks good like this as well :)). Kinda like a mustache, but oh well..

Anyway, if you are a crocheting lover, and actually know how to make stuff like this, don’t make fun of me, cause I am sure this will be my first and last time trying it!

Hope you have a great Christmas Eve with your family and friends, and may these Holidays bring you joy and cheer for the whole year :). (Apperently I can rhime,lol)

I wish you a Merry Christmas!!

Much love,

Lexi xxxxxxx!


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