Christmas Tree Ornaments

This year I decorated the tree quite late in comparison to the previous years. I know it looks a bit bare, because we got a bigger tree this year, but didn’t get more decorations.

We opted for an artificial tree for several reasons. Firstly,  we don’t like the idea of using a tree for two weeks and then throwing it in the trash. I really think that is just stupid, and a waste of a good tree-no offense. A lot of people say that a natural Christmas tree is the reason of the Holiday and what not…well we don’t need to cut a tree to feel the Holidays near our hearts. So that was that…1511184_102026dadsada18760091679_1463320831_n

Also, I hate garland, so I didn’t put any on the tree, so that may be another reason for why it looks so bare. Oh, and my installation broke just before I took the pictures, so it is even more bare.

I don’t know why, but I have favourites among my tree decorations. So I decided to share them, LOL.

This one I bought last year on a whim. I wasn’t set on going to buy stuff for Christmas, but I saw it and I thought it was really pretty. It is an angel who is holding a dove.1461271_10202618769531915_617341445_nThis second one, has a longer back story. I bought it when I was 10 and went in a school trip in the capital of Austria, Vienna. I bought both my mom and my dad something. Since it was around the Holidays, I bought my mom this candy handbag decoration, and my dad a small Mozart plate.

1487294_10202618776452088_1666102453_nThis metal ornament was brought home by dad last year when he came home from a tour in Brussels- Belgium.

1513857_10202618776012077_1134143373_nI really like this one because it is hand painted.


And this one I like because I made it myself. LOL. It was a simple matte red ornament, but it got scratched, and I decided to scratch it further and  make some kind of pattern on it. So I got a scratching tool and I made a tree. [can’t see it really well, but you get the idea.]1533793_10202618777932125_1196251465_n

So those were my favorites, I guess they just have more meaning than the others, and well…some are just pretty :D. Sorry for the poor quality pictures!

Hope you liked my pretty bare tree. Next year I’m planning on getting more decorations so it won’t look as empty.

Lots of love,

Lexi xxxxxxxx!


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