Sad times…

I honestly did not want to have a reason to write about this topic this year… The point is that years like this are really annoying to me because I always look forward for Christmas and I get let down almost every time.

My dad plays the clarinet at the state Orchestra from my home town, and that is amazing! He got to see almost the whole world by doing what he loves most..but this came with drawbacks as well.

We are always happy when he gets called to go in a tour somewhere, but is really hard for me and my mom when he has to leave for the Holidays or birthdays… And of course, he isn’t crazy about the idea either.

This year he got called to go in Italy for twelve days or so. He has to leave tomorrow morning and he comes back on the fourth of January. So again, I will spend my Christmas with my mom and my dad will be away on a bus to another town.

Even if it sounds that I am complaining for my own comfort, I am not! I am actually complaining because he is the one that has to be away from home and spend his Holidays in a foreign place.

Every time this happens, my parents tell me that the money that he will earn will be for our good use and what not…but I always feel so sad the moment he walks out the door. And just hearing his sad voice on the phone makes the whole in my heart even bigger.

Sometimes…I just wish his work would involve being closer to home or I wish I got to go in that tour for him, so he could enjoy his Holidays at home where he feels the warmth and love of the people who are here for him.

Jesus, this sounds really sappy, but I am so angry, because I was expecting him to stay at home this year.

Well, this was all for today…Sorry for the sad topic -it is sad for me at least- I just had to let it out!

Until next time,

Lexi xxxx!


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