Book review: “Quintessentially Q”

1174543_1406739366210223_1318539032_nQuintessentially Q written by Pepper Winters is the sequel of Tears of Tess and is part of the Monsters in the Dark series. In this sequel,we get to take a peek into Tess’s mind as well as Q’s.

Tess and Q couldn’t be more happy together.They finally could let themselves go in their throes of passion. How long will their happiness last? When will Q finally appreciate Tess the way she deserves and realize what he is about to lose?

When I read Tears of Tess this summer, I thought it would be the darkest book I will ever read, but I was wrong. Quintessentially Q is so much darker, and has so much more angst that I had to take breaks from reading from time to time.

Tess loves Q with all her heart, and tries to make him love her back. But while she thinks she is in a paradise with Q, someone is plotting to hurt them both. The struggles and battles Tess goes through are most impressive and my heart went out to her every time she was in pain, mental or physical.

Q had a huuuugee character development in my opinion.He still shows his defining power and wealth. Whilst I had little affection towards Q in the first book, in the second, I grew to love and respect him. *sigh* I wish he were real. Honestly, I felt worse for Q than I did for Tess. Tess represents a strong personality, but I think that Q hides in his darkness because he is not as strong as she it. And I honestly think that Q would be easier to bring down. So, I had my heart clenching every time Q would suffer or go through something bad…it really was a development from him and me as well.

Also, the way Pepper Winters describes everything to the smallest detail, makes my heart leap with joy. I love how she concentrates on diverse actions and emotions, but manages to describe them all so well.

The book covers are marvelous and definitely have two thumbs up from me. They are elegant and very sophisticated, making you want to read it after you have only seen the cover.

When I first read the blurb for Tears of Tess, I was very apprehensive about it because I did not like extra-angsty books. With this series, I’ve come to love it and I am super happy that I got to start reading the genre after reading ToT and QQ.For me, this book is definitely a masterpiece. I am so happy to have had the possibility of reading it!

After finishing QQ I thought that that was it,that their story ended and I was preparing myself to let the characters go,like i always do, but I screamed bloody murder when I found out that the series Monsters in the Dark  will continue with a third book. And I honestly can not wait to have my heart hurting for their suffering again and to read once again the peacefulness of its ending…well I hope it will be peaceful *evil grin*.

The series Monsters in the Dark that contains two volumes until now: Tears of Tess and Quintessentially Q and will continue with Twisted Together that is coming out in the early 2014. Everyone that loves very dark and twisted stories, that have tortured characters and make your heart beat out of your chest while reading them, has to have this series in their collection. I thoroughly recommend this series to anyone that loves these kinds of things and not only.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Let me know what you think of this book if you’ve read it!

Until next time,

Lexi xxxxx. 🙂


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