DIY: Easy origami stars

1480676_10202565812768029_1320079685_nFor the Christmas dance at school I had to do some decorations and I decided to show you how to make the ones I enjoyed doing the most. These are the small origami stars. We decided to make a garland from them, and now I thought it would be nice to share how to make them. I learnt to make these several years ago, so I don’t have an exact source from where I learnt how to make them, but I am sure you can find plenty of videos on YouTube.

You will need:

Origami paper [not necessary, but use it if you have it]

Regular piece of paper [any kind, colored, blank, newspaper. Anything BUT cardboard-might be too hard to fold]





1. Get your blank piece of paper and draw lines to make your strips of paper. I let 1.5cm distance between each strip. For more strips at once, just layer some papers and cut along the lines you first drew.960251_10202565816328118_565719383_n

2. Make the first shape and then fold it down over. Pull until you get the second shape.


3.After you got that shape, flip it over and tuck in that little tail at the bottom.


4. Now, flip it as it was before and just start wrapping the longer piece of paper on the sides of the shape you had. Just do that over and over until you finish your strip.


5. Now that you have left that little length of paper, tuck it in like you did at the beginning.


6. After you have this star  shape, you can start pinching the corners gently until your 2D star becomes 3D.


And voila, now you have your own little star. You can just hang them around, or make a garland, or even place them around your room. They are fairly easy to unfold, so you can keep messages hidden in them.

Hope you liked this DIY post, and I certainly hope you understood what I explained.

Until next time, stay safe,

Lexi xxxxx!


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