DIY: Christmas candles in 5 easy steps

After all the exams I took and all the stress I had these past weeks, I decided to let my creativity flow and do some artsy and crafty things. Throughout the rest of the month I will share other ideas of DIY and some drawings that I am working on.

Lets get started, shall we?

I got this idea from this webpage, but seeing how the instructions are in Russian, you can translate it on google, or follow the steps I took to make this pretty candle. I did only one because I was testing the waters, however I am planning on doing more. Also, I wish I had chosen a bigger candle, but now I know :D.

You will need:

-Plain candles- how many you wish to make

-Napkins- I chose a Christmassy one, because the holidays are coming and I thought it would be suitable, but you can get whatever you want.

-A spoon- you will need a metal spoon- mine didn’t have any damage afterwards, but maybe you’d like to try with one that you could dispose of if it gets destroyed.

-Another candle- a small candle that you could burn in order to heat the spoon.


1. On your clean working space, place your candles and napkins. Measure the napkins on the candle. After you are sure it fits, cut it. When it is cut, get all of the layers off the napkin, you should have only the one with the pattern remaining. Also, if the bottom of your candle is flat, you should cut a circle from the napkin so you can attach it.-Mine wasn’t so I didn’t do that part.-

Picture 082Picture 089

2. Place your napkin on the candle and hold it with one hand. With the other, take the spoon and hold it over the small burning candle. Heat the INSIDE of the spoon, otherwise you will leave black residue on the napkin [also known as smoke, lol] .

3. When you think the spoon is hot enough-*DO NOT TOUCH THE SPOON BOWL*- gently start pressing the spoon over the napkin. Start “caressing” the napkin over the candle with the spoon until you think the spoon needs reheating. The wax of the candle will melt a really small bit and will act as a glue to the napkin. Repeat the process until the whole candle has the napkin “glued” on it. Do the same with the bottom if you want to. Picture 091

4.Now that your candle has a beautiful pattern on it, you can add whatever you want to make it more special. I chose a golden ribbon, but you can add anything that you like: lace, glitter, ribbons etc. Picture 094Picture 103

5. Enjoy burning your new beautiful candle.

Picture 105

Making DIY projects relaxes me to heaven and back. I really like doing them, and admiring my handy work. I hope you liked this little project, and will try for yourselves. These are the steps I took to make my candle. I am not sure what the original instructions say, cause I didn’t bother translating them. I only looked at the pictures and thought of what I should do.

If you will actually make one of these, then please share it with me, so I can see what you came up with.

Much love,

Lexi xxxxxxx!


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