Time is running away from me!

geTime has not been my friend lately. Since I made this blog I wanted to post something three times a week, or something like that, but I have chosen the wrong month to start my blog. I am so busy that I am surprised how I still have time to breathe…

I feel so bad for not posting at all, even if maybe no one cares, it is important to me to keep a schedule and post something, if not for the “readers”, than for me. I have so many great topic ideas, but so little time!

Anyway, if some of you care and thought why I haven’t been posting, than I have to let you know that I am having all my semestrial papers and a ton of tests and books to read, and assignments due very soon and I want to crawl into a corner when I just think about of all of these.

So if anyone cares, I am very sorry for not posting, because it is a way for me to express my feelings and thoughts about different topics, and I found some interesting ones and time really hates me right now.

Until next time, please bare with me, it will be soon hopefully!!

Lexi xxxx! 🙂


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