Surprises and gifts :)

Secret_SantaEvery year at school we have this thing called “The Angel”. It is a game happening between classmates, where we get to pull out a small note with somebody’s name and we have to get them a gift.  A friend of mine told me that this game is called “Secret Santa” in the US.

Usually we don’t know who is each others “Angel”, but obviously people are annoying and don’t get the fact that it is supposed to be a surprise.Also I find really rude when people don’t get others anything. I mean I know that not everybody has a material wealth, but usually the people who really can afford it, don’t give anything. And yes I find that really rude, because it puts both sides in an awkward position and is just plain and simple a lack of respect.

Anyway, I like to make really nice gifts every year. Even though, in the past years I didn’t get things that I necessarily like or need, I still like to make nice gifts and be able to make someone smile.

This year, I fortunately drew a good friend of mine and got her a pretty nice gift (lol, that is my opinion). I very subtly asked her what she would like to get for Christmas and she said she liked decorations, mugs and stuff like that. I really am happy that I got her, because this way I am really giving a gift because I think she deserves it and because she is a friend of mine, not because I just have to.

Let me know if you have any games like this one, or any other traditions like this one.

Until next time,

Lexi xxxxx! 🙂


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