Let it snow…?

let it snow 3

Well it definitely seems like winter didn’t hold back to much. I woke up this morning to see  we had a LOT of snow outside. In the past years, the first time it snowed, it didn’t set on the ground on the first day so now you may understand my shock.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love winter, but this is too soon for my taste. And even though I love winter and holiday season, that doesn’t mean I love snow and freezing weather too much….or at all..

I find it totally ridiculous to have snow set on the ground whilst there are still leaves in the trees, and blooming flowers. So, winter, go home, you are drunk!!

This was a rather short ramble, but oh well!

Until next time, keep warm :),

Lexi xxxxxxxx!!


One thought on “Let it snow…?

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