I think I have a talent…

In 2011 I found out that I could draw and I tried to develop my talent since. I like to think that I can draw pretty well considering that I never took any drawing lessons.

I tried different techniques from drawing with charcoal, to colored pencils and to painting. I never thought I would be good at any of them but I think I have managed to surprise myself and the people that know me for their whole lives.

I tried to arrange them somehow in a chronological order. [These are not all my drawings, just a few that I personally love]

1. I drew Kristen Stewart in 09.06.2012. Phheeew, it was a long time ago!! At the time, I was still trying to develop my skills and try new things.  This is not close to my best drawing but it is very close to my heart seeing that it is one of the first portraits I drew.I know, I know, the mouth is snub, more than a bit, and I could have done a better job, but it was my second big drawing, I think. Here  is the photo I used as reference. [Seeing my drawing now, after more than one year, and comparing it to the reference photo, makes me laugh, and just to think of how much I THOUGHT it looked alike. HAH]


2. I found this electronic drawing one day,  and it was soooo beautiful, and I wanted to make my own interpretation of it.So I did, on the 19th of September,2012. I think the original one is a lot more edgy and tough looking, whilst I feel like mine has a softer and kinder touch to it. Do you know what I mean? Ohh, and I have to mention that this was my first all color drawing :D.


3. I always loved seeing close up drawings of eyes. In 26th of October, 2012 I drew one myself after I found this reference drawing.


4. I decided to paint this after I saw a video of someone doing it. I just fell in love wit the design and technique, and everything really.


5. I just fell in love with this drawing, so I tried to reproduce it. The problem is, that I only had one blue pastel and one white, which I used as the lighter shade… It took me a while to build this color, and I think I could’ve done a better job, but hey, I think it looks pretty good, seeing that I only used 2 pastels, a black pen and one 2HB pencil.


6. A friend of mine asked me to help her with a banner for her story. She mentioned it was a “challenge”, and I gracefully accepted it, lol. 😀 In the middle we have Isis, and on her left stays Bastet and on the right is Sekhmet. Whilst drawing this, my friend was telling me some really nice stories about ancient Egypt and I have to admit that she made me very curios, and it stimulated me to finish this drawing faster and see the result. I feel like I have too much to explain for this drawing because I didn’t use just one reference for it. But if you do want to see what are the pictures I took my inspiration from, please drop me a line below.


7. I decided to finish with a portrait if I started with one. But this is still in the course of making. The reasons why I decided to draw her are the fact that I really love Adele, and her music, and I think she is really beautiful. This is obviously not a finished drawing, but I wanted you to see the progress I made since 09.06.2012. I think I managed to develop my skills a bit.


Please tell me what you think of my drawings, I wanted to share some of them with you and I decided to attach my personal favorites. Please be gentle with your comments, I’ve been told by people that they love my drawings, and also I’ve been told that they hated it.

So if you don’t like them, please be nice about it :). Also, keep in mind that I have never had any drawing lessons, of any kind! I attached to their description the link from where I have got my inspiration.

Until next time,

Lexi xx


2 thoughts on “I think I have a talent…

  1. Wow you are really talented, that truly is a gift you have.I’ve been wishing I can draw for a long time now but I just don’t have it, keep practicing. The Egyptian on is my favorite.

    -The Leon.

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