Friends are forever….at least some of them are!

Friends come and go as fast as you can say the word and they are in different forms as well.


As this photo very nicely puts it, friends can be of three kinds: friends for a reason; friends for a season; and friends for a lifetime. I can say that I am happy to have had the latter two kinds and I’ll say it with a bit of regret that I have had the first kind as well.

We all know what friends for a reason are. They are the most insufferable people in the world, seeing that they don’t want you as a friend for your moral qualities and personality, but for what material goods you can bring in their favor.

The friends for a season are definitely better than the first kind. Even though I am sad that I have lost them, and we grew apart, I am very happy to have had this kinds of relationships for the memories they gave me and for the great times we have spent together. I cannot be anything but thankful for the seasonal friends that I’ve had :D. Sure, friends for a season can be categorized as friends for a reason as well,

And last but not least, friends for a lifetime, which is such a cheesy phrase, but they do exist. I had the pleasure to have met the most wonderful people in real life AND online. In real life I have two maybe three real friends that I think I’ll keep in touch with all my life. One of those three really knows me and I am not afraid to talk about things that I cannot share with everyone! And online I have met many great people but I think from the whole bunch, I have met eight amazing people that I will remember for the rest of my days and maybe will keep in touch with.

Fun fact: I met a friend in real life, after 3 years of knowing her online-ain’t that cool? 😀

I am proud of having friends all over the world and knowing so many people even though they are friends for a season or for a lifetime. I think that you have to appreciate your friends and love them, no matter if they have flaws or not, because I can assure you that no one is flawless and you will not find the perfect friend. So, try to choose your friends wisely and if you don’t want friends for a reason, than don’t be one. I know that I love my REAL friends, and I know that they might love me back just as much! -just kidding, I know they do! [wow, that does sound selfish]

Thanks for reading, until next time :),

Lexi xx !


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