Movie review “The Green Mile”

the-green-mile-originalThe Green Mile is a 1999 American drama film with the main stars Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan, David Morse, Michael Jeter and many others. Written and directed by Frank Darabont adapted from Stephen King’s novel with the same name.

Paul Edgecomb is a veteran prison guard and is in charge of death row  called The Green Mile, in a 1935 Louisiana penitentiary. When huge new inmate, John Coffey, convicted of the rape and murder of two young sisters, is taken to the prison Edgecomb is in charge of, things are about to change in the small death row. Despite his powerful build, Coffey is gentle-and possesses a miraculous, mysterious power to heal.

The Green Mile is a movie of emotions, a movie that leaves a life lasting experience and above all a movie that keeps you involved in till the very end. I could not tear myself away from the screen from the moment the movie started until it ended.

This movie brought me to tears. For me this was one of the most compelling films I have seen in a long time. This movie is thought provoking and extremely sad. The plot was magnificently put on the screen by Frank Darabont and the acting is magnificent and I am sure that it manages to touch the heart of every viewer. Also, the acting is definitely amazing, done by a cast that could not be better chosen; the amount of talent the cast combines is absolutely epic and I think that this has a huge impact over the emotional state of the viewer as well.

I would thoroughly recommend The Green Mile to anyone that watches films because they want to be transported to another time and another place and be emotionally sucked in, then this will hold your attention from start to finish and will also have you in tears by the end of it.

At first this was a homework for my English class, but this movie impressed me so much that I had to share the review! I honestly do recommend it with all my heart, it is indeed one of the most compelling films I’ve seen in a long time, and I am not saying this just for the sake of the review. I cried so much that I was sobbing by the end of the movie…I told you this so you could understand how much this movie affected me emotionally! After you’ve seen this movie I would recommend you to see The Shawshank Redemption.

I cannot wait to buy the book  and read it. Again, I am disappointed in myself for two things. First, not watching the movie until now, ’cause God knows, it was on TV so many times and I watched only small parts of it. And secondly I am again disappointed of seeing the movie before reading the book…but oh well.

I hope you enjoyed my short ramble about this masterpiece!

Until next time,

Lexi xx !


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