movienightEver since I was a little kid, I enjoyed watching movies and seeing how they were made. Over the years my passion for this art has expanded.

I remember watching a movie, and at some point a character I liked died. I went to my mother crying, saying that I don’t want to watch any more movies. She then turned Hallmark on, and she stayed with me and explained how movies are made while watching a documentary about the same subject. [I wish we’d still have Hallmark on TV, it always had so many documentaries about movies, and no advertising *sigh*]

Nowadays movies and TV Shows are very well made and have such interesting plots that you could sit all day watching and do nothing else. I honestly respect anyone that watched movies with their kids, even if they are movies for children, because they introduce their children to this form of art that is in a continuous growth, and I think it will only get bigger and bigger.

Going to the cinema is a favorite pastime of mine. Although, you wouldn’t really want to go to the cinema with me. It’s really nice when people laugh at a joke in a movie or do relevant things that relate to the movie, but it is so annoying when people start talking in the middle of the movie and just chat like they are the only ones in the room. Whenever that happens I get up and tell them to snap their mouth shut. *giggles* I actually did that when I went to see Iron Man. Some kids that were sitting several rows behind started chatting and I delusionally thought they would stop and pay attention to the movie, but noooo…so I turned around and told them to “shut up already”. Even though they glared at me they shut up and I could peacefully watch the movie.


When I go to the cinema, I just HAVE to keep the ticket, and my parents call me crazy for this ticket collecting passion. Currently, I have only 50 movie tickets. I would have more, but I started to collect them rather late. In the picture you can see all of my movie tickets that I can find at the moment (yes I need to be more organized). Another thing that I do, and you might see in the photo, is that I write the names of the people with whom I went at the movies with. [wow that sentence is veeeeeeery complicated].

But going to the cinema isn’t always affordable nor is dvd buying. For example the month of November has 6 movie releases that I desperately want to see. Because of the VERY expensive ticket prices I will have to cut it to 2 movies this month and I’ll have to resume seeing the others when they come out on TV or *cough* online *guilty grin*. Oh come on, you can’t tell me you never saw a movie online…

Buying dvd’s is always so exciting, but also very expensive. If I had limitless money, I’d buy a whole dvd store. There is always the on the spot excitement—that is when you really want to buy the dvd, and you do buy it, but regret afterwards.

The idea that I am trying to share is that the art of the movie making, and the movie itself is very elaborate and beautiful. From the amazing CGI work, to the best fitting music, to the meticulously picked out sets.

So, try to watch at least one movie a week, either a black and white movie, a silent one, or the latest release, watch it at the cinema or even online, it doesn’t matter, just watch and appreciate a good movie.

Until next time,

Lexi xx 🙂


2 thoughts on “Movies

  1. Up until this past summer, I went to the movies at least 2-3 times a month; sometimes with my hubby or one of my kids, or by myself…the last movie I saw was R.I.P.D.Our local theater closed due to finacial difficulties and we are hoping it opens soon and now I have to go 30 min to an hour away to see a movie and willing to do that for two movies I want to see soon; THOR 2 and THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG. Thankfully I didn’t have to do that when TWILIGHT was out! And went to all the midnight premieres except for TWILIGHT… that one was a spur of the moment thing for the kids and I. Glad I did. But yea I hear what you are saying about movies! I don’t save my stubs anymore but when I was younger and single, a girlfriend and I would go every weekend (back then it was more affordable… $3.50) and now we pay $7.00/adult if after 6pm and then pay at least $25.00 for drinks and popcorn and I don’t like popcorn! (I sneak in candy for me…sshhh) and I can honestly say I have never watched a movie online because it just doesn’t appeal to me and l like hearing it w/our surround sound. I don’t download or watch bootlegs but I will say I do copy the movie if it can so yea not totally innocent

    • Yes I know what you mean! But thankfully we have 3 cinemas in our town,and the prices vary from $3 to $7 for a 3D movie. Tomorrow I’m going to see Thor2, eeeep can’t wait!! Also next week a teacher wants to take us all to the movies so hurray for that too! :))

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