Mail. Yes, today I want to talk about mail. And I do not mean the mail that you get in your inbox, but the kind that you get physically—in your mailbox .

You would think that getting actual mail nowadays is not “cool” anymore, with all the technology and what not. Well, I disagree. Getting a letter from someone is the most exciting thing ever. Just think of the moment when you open the envelope to see what your friend wrote.

I truly appreciate when people send me a letter written by hand and not printed. It makes it more personal, more real. Even if it is a card bought from a store, it feels a lot better when you see that the person who sent it, wrote a bit themselves.

Until a couple of years ago, I didn’t get many letters in my mailbox. Of course, I had a pen pal once or twice in school, but I never really wrote to someone. I usually got cards for my birthday from my aunts and uncles that don’t live close by, but any other kind, nada. That was until maybe one and a half years ago, when I met some wonderful people (through a Twilight group—yes, Twilight, but that’s another blog post) and that’s when I really discovered the beauty of getting a letter in the mail from someone that you haven’t already met in real life. It makes them more real, it makes you feel like you have actually met them.

For example, Liz, a friend of mine, sends me cards for Christmas, birthdays and even Halloween, even if I don’t celebrate it, but she thought it would be nice to send one. Well that’s not only nice of her for sending them, and thinking of me, but what makes it even more special is the little note that she writes on the card. Which makes me believe that she really thought of me when she sent it, and didn’t send it as an obligation!

I do not only like to receive letters, but I also really like to send them. I even bought “fancy paper” as a friend of mine said. But it really doesn’t matter if you have “fancy paper” or not, it’s just amazing to get something as personal as a letter in your mailbox. Since I’ve started getting letters, I began to appreciate them more and more, and each time I send out a card or a letter, I cannot wait to see the surprise of the persons’ response to what I’ve sent their way once they got it.

Every time I get a letter or a card in my mailbox it’s like Christmas morning for me, that’s how much I appreciate the gesture.

In conclusion, sending letters should still be a thing, even though it is more expensive than sending an email (obviously), but think about the astonishing feeling you get when you see that envelope with your name on it, waiting to be opened and share its content with you.

Teach your kids that it is good to send letters, do it yourself even. Set a goal  for yourself to send at least one letter per year, and see the response you’ll get. If you think I’m wrong, at least try it if you haven’t yet.

Until next time,

Lexi xx


3 thoughts on “Mail

  1. True, hand-written posts have pure sentimental value..
    emails and texts easily go into oblivion no matter how important the message they hold, prone to get forgetten easily.

    Nice thought-provoking read this was 🙂

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