Time flies

Just the other day I was looking up Universities and courses and it struck  me how fast time flies. It feels like yesterday I was playing outside with my friends,watching cartoons and getting bubblegum tattoos.

And to be honest, I am afraid. Afraid of growing up. Afraid of leaving home. How will I manage myself all alone? I have no clue, but I guess that’s the beauty of growing up.

I want to go to a University in England (that will have to be another blog post) and I am terrified of the thought of being all alone. I’ve always had mom and dad support me every step of my life and I am afraid I won’t be able to get used to living by myself. I bet I am not the only one that has been through this phase, and I know no one was all alone and made friends,and managed somehow, but the thought of a strange country and not knowing anyone on that campus is just…*shivers* horrible.

I’ve always wanted to grow up and be independent and discover life from another perspective, but now I am not so certain that I still want to. You know those times when you were a kid and say that you can’t wait to grow up and not go to school anymore…well…I was that kid too, and now I would like to slap myself for thinking that. I still want to grow up and have new experiences but it feels like time flies way too fast for my liking. I wish I could stop time for a bit and just live carelessly, not caring about the time that passes.

A conclusion I have come to: time is my biggest enemy and I will try to avoid thinking about it so much, and just enjoy life.

Hope I didn’t bore you, or depress you. Lol! But that’s what I felt like sharing today 🙂

Have fun, and don’t let time or anything else distract you from it :),

Love, Lexi xx


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